GOTV in Oberlin. And today is…

ELECTION DAY!  So, why do I care?  Well, this election is a big deal.  We have some really close races in Ohio, and its so important that we, as young people, make our voices heard.  The politicians we elect today will spend the next two, four, six or more years making decisions for our future and the future of our planet, and we should let them know what’s up and what we care about.  There are obviously many ways to let politicians and other powerful people in the world know what we think, and we owe it to them to fight hard with a full court press.  No one approach will be enough if we are to create the world we want to see, and this is our future we’re talking about here!  It’s kind of a big deal.  So no matter what “making your voice heard” at the polls mean to you, you should cast your vote(s), and every other student on our campus should be encouraged to do the same.

Election day.  The future.

Oh my, huge deal.  So, what’s going on?  (a) go vote.  duh.  And (b) it’s time to get out the vote, non-partisan style in WILDER 109 from 10a to 7p with the Ohio Student Environmental Coalition and others!!  So here’s what my day looks like starting in 5 hours.  (And let me just say, I think it’s going to be pretty awesome.)  What’s even better?  Yours could look something like this too!

6:30am. Phone alarm goes off.  Hit snooze (just once?!).

6:40am. Phone alarm goes off again.  Jump out of bed, take a quick shower and drink my first cup of coffee for the day.

7:00am. To the polls I march to VOTE — if you want to join me at 7 on my walk to Zion CDC, give me a call in the morning.  It’s always more fun with friends.  (617) 413-3148

8:00am. Prepping to phone bank.  That’s right people, starting at 8a Elliot Sakach (the flipping awesome first year who organized this phone bank) and I will be hanging out in Wilder 109 to prep for a full day of hanging out with YOU and inspiring young people to make their voices heard at the polls.  We’ll be around all day with the exception of attending a couple classes here and there, and the room will always be bustling with smiling faces reminding students to vote.  Everyone is doing it, and you should to!

10:00am. Three great thing are arriving.  Thing (1) = coffee, thing (2) = yummy snacks, and thing (3) = the dynamic duo of Janina Klimas (the coordinator of the Ohio Student Environmental Coalition) and Ethan Nuss (field director of the Energy Action Coalition, here all the way from DC to hang out with Elliot and the rest of us!)  All three things will remain in abundance in Wilder 109 throughout the day, so you should stop by when you have free time (even if it’s just 20 minutes).

10a-7p. Phone banking in Wilder 109.  The more people the better. We will be receiving updated lists from the polls at 10a and 4p of registered students who haven’t yet voted, to ensure that we don’t waste calls on those who have already voted.  If you can commit to a specific time during the day, that’s even better and you should email me to let me know when you are planning to show up.  What else?  When people need a break and some fresh air (or maybe strategically between classes) we can hit the paths and remind people to vote in person.

7:30p! I will be enjoying my “Sustainable Cities” class with Rumi Shammin (as the polls close), and feeling proud of how effective we were at getting out the youth vote.

My promises to you?  It’s going to be a lot of fun.  There will be a steady flow of fuel for our minds/bodies in the form of food and drinks.  I will be hanging out from 10:45-3 and 4:15-7 (between classes) if you want to kick it with me.  And I will still be smiling at the end of the day after drinking my fourth cup of coffee and making hundreds of rewarding phone calls to empower young Oberlin voters.  Side note, if you haven’t met Janina Klimas or Ethan Nuss, this is also a great chance to meet them — perhaps you will learn how to get plugged in with the Ohio Student Environmental Coalition or hear a bit about the National Power Shift 2011 conference that will be in Washington D.C. on April 1st.

It’s our future greenscene, so LET’S ROCK THE VOTE with Power Vote!

Call me if you have questions (617) 413-3148 and I hope to see you tomorrow in Wilder 109.  Bring yourself, your computer and your phone and we’ll make sure you leave with a smile.

– Erika

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  4. YOU GUYS ROCK!!!! I am constantly impressed by your passion, creativity and energy! I am thrilled to see your everyday success, your network growing and influence swelling. I am so happy to know that your coming up to be the leaders of the next generation. A sincere thank you!

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