BGSU Rallies for Clean Energy on Campus

Rally For Our Future Students at BGSU Begin their ramp-up to their meeting on March 26th with BGSU President Mary Ellen Mazey by marching 40 plus students into her office delivering individual requests to transition to 100% Clean Energy by 2020. Environmental Action Group, with the help of faculty, alumni, and 5 other student groups have asked their President to step up and protect the health, safety, and be a leader among college campuses. Students have racked up 5 media hits including local news affiliates, local papers, and national blogs. Here are some links to check out the full story.
Campus hit
Community hit
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Wanna organize with OSEC steering and collaborate on the state-wide network level? Sign up now!

Hey y’all,

It’s the perfect time of year to start thinking about this upcoming school year! Or, depending on how great your summer’s been, maybe it’s not, and we should just pretend that summer’s going to last forever. In any case, I want to encourage any one that has an interest in collaborating with students across the state to sign up for OSEC steering; it’s a group of student leaders that represent their campuses and work together on OSEC projects, as well as support each other on campus-based initiatives. We have regular conference calls, and we meet in person twice a year; once in the fall and once in the spring, to figure out what our network is gonna tackle and accomplish.
Now more than ever, OSEC has a lot going on; our network had a waaaay huge number of folks at Powershift in DC last spring, and coming out of that we’ve been working hard to stop fracking in Ohio, rage on some gnarly coal plants, and even build a Powershift here in Ohio for folks from across the Midwest to come together. These projects happen because students like you want them to, and OSEC steering is the perfect way to get in on the fun! So, check out the form below, and let’s organize together!

Check out a video re-cap from the last year of OSEC awesomeness!

Summer’s a good time to reflect and think about where we’ve been, and where we’re goin’. The problem? So much wicked awesomeness, I just had to be able to share all of it! So I made a video… check it out!

It only gets bigger and better from here!

On the 20th Anniversary of Lithuanian Independence; my Powershift Story…

20 years ago today, Lithuania was the first nation to declare independence from the Soviet Union. Word up to peoples movements, global revolution, and our generations role in this incredible political moment.

My Lithuanian Powershift Story!

Happy Independence Day y’all; see ya in DC!

Update to Portage County Tea Party Meeting

Hey all,

It’s been a while coming, but the video is finally here! Grab a bowl of popcorn, and enjoy the shit show!

- Clay

Getting pumped about protecting the CAA

Egypt. SB5. I see you. I feel restless. When I got the call about a chance to get a message straight to Sherrod Brown, I couldn’t dial phone numbers fast enough.

Mr. Brown is getting ready to go to Washington to vote on proposals that would slash the EPA’s budget for the Clean Air Act. He is considered a swing vote – who has previously voted for health care, who impeccably votes for jobs- but needs to hear our voice and vote to protect the Clean Air Act Continue reading

Life as a new OSEC-er

It is amazing to me that one month ago, I barely had an any idea of what OSEC or Powershift even were. On a Wednesday afternoon in late January, I got a call from a phone number I didn’t know. I never pick up the phone when the call is from an unknown number. If it’s important enough they’ll leave a message, right? This number didn’t leave a message. However, for some reason or another later day, I was with some friends and decided to call the number back, and who picks up on the other line but Oberlin senior and OSEC member Erika Zarowin. She had called out-of-the-blue to invite me to join some OSEC girls leaving for Detroit, Michigan that Friday to plan an environmental conference for the fall. Boy, was it lucky that I had decided to call back the unknown caller? I happily said I’d join them. Continue reading

Mutual Aid ‘tween OSEC and Ohio Sierra Club: how to build alliances and get funded for Powershift

Yo yo yo! I pledge to thee, OSEC, by the fierce joy that rays out glittering from all of our eyes: I am your devoted comrade in excelling in our homeplace activism, until food forests and bikeways have overgrown the coal plants and urban sprawl. To that end I have a story for you, and a call to action. I hope you will find it useful and inspiring.

Ohio Sierra Club is Continue reading

A Report Back; In case you haven’t heard, the Ohio breakout at Powershift is about to rock your world…

I’m fairly certain that within 24 hours of getting this job, late last September, I was already telling anyone who would listen that the Ohio state break out at Powershift is going to be the most magical 3 hours of the year. After this weekends steering retreat not only am I more convinced of that than ever, but I’m also riding the most determined, excited, and hella inspired post-OSEC-meet-up glow ever; close to 50 students from over a dozen schools coming together and banging out some seriously strategic campaign planning can have that effect. Thus, I thought i’d take a minute, spread the glow, and explain exactly why that state break-out at Powershift is going to be pure, epic, Ohio-lovin magic.

For startsies, you should know that this is how we spent our Saturday morning:

Yup, that’s the Ohio River, and that is a big fat nasty coal plant. Continue reading

On Tea Parties and the Sugar Coating of Americans; a Cursory Tale in Natural Gas.

By: Clay Graham

Last Monday night, four friends and I ventured to the Ravenna High School to attend the Portage County Tea Party’s meeting on natural gas drilling, arguing for the“benefits” of leasing property to gas companies. As we pulled into the school parking lot we were shocked at the amount of people in attendance, a total of 525 portage county-ites braved the cold and ice to attend the meeting. Giving cold shoulders to petitioners, and leaflet distributors, we sat down in the midst of an aging crowd and prepared ourselves for what was about to ensue. Continue reading